IdentiBrick™ Baseplate

Crystal clear toy brick baseplate for use with the IdentiToy™ iOS App and Android App. Compatible with the most popular 8 mm stud spacing toy bricks.

Height: 9.45 in
Width: 6.3 in

$9.99 Introductory Price!

Shipping:$2.99 Domestic
$9.99 International

Bring your toy brick building experience to the next level! The trans-clear baseplate can create any image or color beneath it. Need a gray baseplate or a green baseplate? It's just a click away. A water scene with a blue building plate? No problem! Building plates with painted images can be replaced by the IdentiToy baseplate with a custom landscape running on a Tablet PC below.

The image that shines through the building plate consists of a background image and a foreground image. The background image can be a solid color such as grey, blue, pink, or green or a texture such as asphalt, sand, or grass. Foreground images can be beach umbrellas, bushes, railroad tracks, and more. Go beyond traditional green or blue baseplates! IdentiToy - A New Way to Play!

Interactive Toy Brick

IdentiBricks interact with the IdentiToy iOS App via Bluetooth. Games can be controlled by manipulating the potentiometer and pressing switches on the Identibrick. Please contact IdentiToy for ordering. Android app coming soon!

Height: 0.85 in
Width: 0.62 in
Length: 0.94 in