What are the advantages of the IdentiToy™ System?

IdentiToy uses Passive battery-less RFID Technology for communication and identification, combined with an optically encoded triangulation scheme. Since the screen is used for Triangulation only, and not for identification, the method is far more versatile than existing systems which attempt to ascertain the identity of an object by computing its silhouette either by vision systems or touch sensors. Learn more...

Many Unique IDs

Large number of unique IDs 2128 etc, set by RFID, can be discerned by a single App or OS allowing for many different combinations of toys without overlap.

Minimal Light Needed

Toy or token only needs some light containing position encoding information to enter it at two points, in order to triangulate position. The light sensors can be as small as 1 mm2. The system works even when the object is hovered above the screen.

No Special Toy Required

Toy or Token maintains its normal play value and does not have to be a special object designed for recognition by unique silhouette. E.g. a normal toy car with rolling wheels may be rolled over the surface, with two optical sensors mounted on non-contacting areas some distance away from the screen. Or for example, an infinium of “mini-figures” with identical silhouettes may be triangulated and uniquely identified by simply placing two of the IdentiToyTag RFID pills one in each leg.

App Launcher

Can be part of OS or screen hardware subliminally interrogating at all times with the ability to launch (e.g.) up to 2128 different apps targeted for that particular Toy or Token.


Secure RFID cannot be faked easily by unauthorized copies of Toys or Gaming Tokens which may attempt to use a proprietary App or Game.

Increase Interactivity

The IdentiToy™ system may provide additional information for actuators on the object, and sensors on the object may relay information to the display screen (e.g. “Fire” button), making a truly interactive experience possible.

NFC Powered

The toy or token may be powered by the NFC Field. Indeed the NFC field can even power a motor which will drive the toy across the across the display screen.

Unlimited Number of Toys

A virtually unlimited number of toys can be simultaneously placed on the screen, with the use of anti-collision RFID Technology.

To learn more technical aspects about the IdentiToy™ System please click here.